We are committed to the Highest Standards of Quality. We aim to become A Leading Underwriter for CryptoBonds Global Market
1st Financial Consultant
in CryptoBonds Underwriting
A full cycle of client counseling, development of the terms of cryptobonds circulation and the prospectus for cryptobonds in accordance with the issuer's development strategy
CryptoBond Issuе
Development of smart contracts in the Ethereum decentralized environment, in accordance with the prospectus of the cryptobond issue.
Client support
Providing specialized marketplace for issuers and investors to ensure transparency, security and reliability.
Crypto bonds are bonds of the future!
Reliability is ensured by smart contract, and transparency is gгaranteed by blockchain technology
When buying cryptobonds, you lend to the company and after a certain time get the interest and the amount invested back. At the same time for the use of your money the company regularly pays you a predetermined interest.
What are cryptobonds for?
Cryptobonds provide a lot of significant benefits for the investors
The advantage of issuers
The most cost efficient, transparent and reliable way to issue bonds in comparison with the traditional (fiat) method.
Investor Benefits
For an Investor - cryptobonds are save instrument and capital appreciation tool.
Audit friendly
Any interested party can independently and easily verify the compliance of the data.
The new tool on the blockchain technology facilitates the work of regulators to protect the interests of investors.
Individual Approach
Smartcontract allows to take into account the individual characteristics and needs of issuers and investors.
Effective Services
Since the records are kept on the blockchain, there is no need to maintain numerous backends and a lot of human resources involved.
Case study: debut cryptobond for Cryptostreet company
Quotation accuracy
4 digits
Registration date in the distributed register
Market maker
Smart Contract
Date of Issue
Name of the Crypt Asset
Corporate Coupon Crypto Bond
Токен ERC20
Coupon rate
54 % per annum
Currency of the Issue and Coupon Payments
Issue Size (Number of cryptobonds)
6000 bonds
Face value of the CryptoBond
100 USDT
Issue Size
600 000 USDT
Total size of coupons to be paid
360 000 USDT
Type of Coupon
Fixed rate 13.5%
Term of the CryptoBond
360 days
Coupon Payment dates
30.11.2019; 28.03.2020; 27.07.2020; 26.10.2020
Maturity date
The period of time used to calculate the interest payments
The calculation of coupon interest on F2CBond is made on the basis of a time base of 360/30 (360 days per year / 30 days per month).
Terms and method of repayment of F2CBond
F2CBonds are redeemed at par value in USDT with simultaneous payment of the last coupon interest.
Smart Contract Developer Details
ООО "Belov IT Lab" | Smartcontract.ru
Smart Contract Auditor Information
Payment Agent Details
Paying agent is not required. Payment of coupon and face value will be made automatically according to the program code of the smart contract.
The procedure for informing the Issuer of bondholders about their activities
The issuer informs the bondholders about their activities and financial condition by publishing messages on the official website of F2C.DEV, the official telegram channel, STEEMIT.COM and via e-mails.
F2C Platform
The F2C ecosystem allows users to efficiently use the tools of the traditional banking system and blockchain technology.
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